Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Inquiring mind

It’s been hard blogging since I only get a few minutes to develop an entry lately; then I have to stop, shut it down and either go to bed, go to school, or change someone.
So, yes, the posts lately have left everyone hanging. What did Monsieur think about Daddy? What did Daddy think about Monsieur? Well, I thought they got on famously but honestly, after your comments I had to ask both of them:

Yearning Heart: So you got home OK? How was your drive?

Daddy: Yup. Drive was smooth.

Yearning Heart: Did you have a good time?

Daddy: Oh, sure, it was great seeing you, Dutch*, you look like you really got your row there.

Yearning Heart: What did you think of [Monsieur]?

Daddy: He seems like a good guy. Real steady. [pause] What I think is more important is, what do you think about him?

Yearning Heart: [laughs] OK, OK.

Daddy: You like him?

Yearning Heart: Yes. Yes, I do.

Daddy: I like him OK, too. You think he’s close to gettin’ a car? He’s tryin’ to pay cash, right?

Yearning Heart: Yes, and yes he is.

Daddy: That’s what I can’t quite figure out, though I give him credit for it. Buying a vehicle without paying over time.

* Dutch, short for Duchess. What my daddy calls me.
After checking with my mom, I found out that my dad was worried that this Monsieur guy was some kind of dirt rancher/network jockey who (since he’s a consultant) never could hold a permanent job. The whole idea that he would live frugally so he could pay cash for a car really impressed my dad.

Naturally I had to check with Monsieur, too.

Yearning Heart: You and Daddy get along all right?

Monsieur: Of course. He’s quite likable, and it is easy to see how you grew up with a positive attitude.

Which, I hadn’t considered before. I guess I do have a positive attitude, compared to many.

Yearning Heart: Really. H’m, ya, I guess I do.

Monsieur: I am most interested in meeting the rest of your family, as well. In particular, your mother.

Yearning Heart: My mother? Why?

Monsieur: It is only fair, as you’ve met mine. Besides, we are all predestined to grow up to be our mothers, so I am most interested to see what is your destiny.

Yearning Heart: What a horrid thought! You take that back, right now! I will not be my mother!

Monsieur: I’m afraid there’s little that can be done.

Yearning Heart: [makes horrid face at Monsieur and heads out to exit, then peeks back at him to make sure he knows she is teasing him.]

Monsieur: Of course, the attitude comes and the attitude goes.

Yearning Heart: OH! [sticks tongue out at him.]


jackt said...

"I'm afraid there is little that can be done." Hahahahahahahahahah! Awesome!!!

introspectre said...

Oh, there is PLENTY that can be done. I've told everyone I know to shoot me if I turn into my mother. For real.

Onto happier notes- he is SO TOTALLY in love with you. Yep. Sure is. I know it.

Cardman said...

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. So nice to see that it's all about how the other person feels. I think you've got him right where you want and need him. Have fun.