Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And you have to make sure it's dead; there's nothing more dangerous than a wounded fly

[Exterior night. Monsieur & the Yearning Heart, laying next to each other, exhausted on the screen porch in a mattress.]

Yearning Heart: Exhausted.

Monsieur: Good.


Yearning Heart: Fly, on my foot. I don’t want it to lay eggs in me.

Monsieur: Well, wiggle your foot, and the fly will realize you are not dead, and find someone who is.

Yearning Heart: I can’t move. Exhausted.

Monsieur: Well, then, you can see where the fly may have obtained that mistaken perception.

[[Yearning Heart] throws pillow on [Monsieur] who stands to return pillow fire. [The Fly] buzzes around the room, [Monsieur] catches [The Fly] in one hand, flings it to the the ground, and steps on it.]

Yearning Heart: My hero.


jackt said...

I can't catch a fly. I'm slow that way.

introspectre said...

That was silly. Thanks. I needed that.

I'm sure you both did, too.