Monday, May 15, 2006

Where I'm Coming From

I am from the land of fire ant invasions and preventative tetanus shots, too.
  • I am from the prairie, rolling hills of yellow wheat, from Grape Nuts and John Deere.
  • I am from the clapboard house with plain white siding, a screen porch and a carpeted basement, smells of cinnamon, of fertilizer and cattle feed.
  • I am from the sunflower, the prairie nettle.
  • I am from County Meath and County Sedgwick, from red hair and freckles, from Aunt Beatrice and O’Keane, from old feuds and old alliances, from fast friends and slow-cooked brisket.
  • I am from the warm hearth, from “why don’t you have off your coat and set a while?”
  • I am from the secret clubhouse in the tree, from the suicide swing dive-bombing into the cattle tank.
  • I am from Sunday school and catechism, from incense and cassock.
  • I’m from the red earth and from the Emerald Isle, from cabbage and pork belly and tuna casserole.
  • I am from the infield t-ball home run with two on base, from the first house you call, from the chicken soup for the mom with the flu, from the volunteer fire brigade and the emergency calving.
  • I am from scrapbooks, Calcium Gluconate 23% Milk Fever Treatment, from Indian paintbrushes and from ten-foot snowdrifts followed by Indian summer, from the old cedar chest and the new Danish furniture, from the satellite dish and the drive-in matinée.
with apologies to George Ella Lyons


Neil said...

Sometimes I forget that this type of world still exists. Or does it?

the Yearning Heart said...

It sure does, Neil.
I believe you folks call it "flyover country".
You might want to drive it sometime, and not on the turnpike. Try US Highway 50 - pick it up in Nevada Colorado and see where it might take you.
It can't possibly be that much more tedious than trying to board a plane these days.
And we'll leave a light on for ya.

the Yearning Heart said...

that should read "Nevada and then head towards Colorado and see where it might take you."

Shaun said...

Ah, good ol' highway 50. From Ottawa, Emporia and on to Newton. Haven't been any further west than that on 50. so after that you'll have to fill me in. That's a nice scenic drive.

Cardman said...

I am from none of that, quite the opposite really, but it sounds good. It's always good to go back and remember where we are from. Nice post.

introspectre said...

Now I have to do this. But not right now. Monkey will still steal away my concentration.
I don't know that many will understand where I am from. Hmm, maybe they will.

ps) I LOVE where you are from. (sigh)