Sunday, May 07, 2006

love means saying you're sorry when you have to

Well, we had a little tiff.
We disagreed about something or another, and now I am so upset I can’t remember what it started as. I do remember that it was important at the time, and it had something to do with logistics – we have only one vehicle, and I had to stay behind while it was taken out.
Now I remember, I wanted to be the one to take the van in for maintenance, and Monsieur said he’d rather do it. It’s his van; it belonged to Maggie really so I shouldn’t have fussed about it. I just wanted to get away from the kids for a while, and be by myself for a change. But it wasn’t a good opportunity for that, and I made a big stink, and now I’m sorry. I am trying to bring myself to apologize the minute he gets back. So, I blog.
I just wanted a break, even sitting in the lobby of a Jiffy Lube for 20 minutes would have been nice.
Now I have to apologize. Suck it up, girl.


The Venting Housewife said...

Sometimes guys don't realize just what we will do to have some alone time. I attack my husband just to let me go to the store and get milk...its just crazy. As much as I love being a mom, when I want to get out I will go nutso to get it.

Goodluck hun.

deacon_bluez said...

you ARE allowed to leave the house, you know.

Passionate Man said...

A woman who apologizes? Where do I get one? ;-)

the Yearning Heart said...

VH: I think you're right, but he had a point. The van didn't just need a tune-up, and he had specific questions to ask, certain things he wanted done a certain way. I could have waited a couple of hours.

Deacon, sweetie, I leave the house all the time. I was being a brat.

PM, I can't tell you that, other than the fact that he always apologizes when my feelings make it necessary means I am that much more willing to apologize when his feelings are hurt. I guess the short answer is, to find someone who apologizes, be someone who apologizes. And be single.