Sunday, May 14, 2006

My first card

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I got this card today. I cried. The boys and Monsieur handed it to me at breakfast. I opened it and it was so beautiful, but the front said “To a Special Stepmother”.
“They didn’t have any ‘Happy Mother’s Day to Aunt Peppermint’ cards,” explained Bigglest Boy.
“Oh, that’s all right, sweetheart,” I assured him. “I think I like this one better anyway.”
“We all signed it,” said Middlest Boy.
“And me!” said Littlest Boy.
“And me,” said Monsieur.
“I can see that! Thank you,” was all I could say.

“Thank you for that card, Monsieur,” I said later as we were cleaning up after breakfast. He was washing dishes and I was clearing the table.
“I wanted it to be more,” he said. “Something a little more substantial.”
“Oh, I think that is pretty substantial,” I said. “No one has ever called me ‘stepmother’ before.”
“Did we presume too much?” he asked, turning to me.
I put my arms around him. “Not a bit. Although to be fair, you should explain to the boys what a stepmother is.”
“Indeed I have,” he said, “and the two oldest boys seem to think that describes your position in the boys’ life.”
“Of course, we would have to do one or two things before it’s entirely accurate,” I said, and kissed his nose.
“Well, you know how impatient boys can be,” he smiled.
“Stepmothers, too.” I went back to cleaning the kitchen. When I turned around again, he was looking at me. I winked at him, though I was trembling inside.
He winked back, and blushed.


Shaun said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I hope this works out for you. It sounds though they really do appreciate you for what you do for them. And everyone in this relationship knows that you're not replacing their mother, your best friend. It's a beautiful card. With so few words it screams of so much love.

Shaun said...

As I read back over that comment, I hope that didn't come off wrong in any way. It wasn't intended too.

Maryse (eve) said...

just smiling here - as a stepmother myself, I know how shaun is right; anyway, we can never replace an other human being - If we are lucky, we can walk on their steps ... if you know what I mean. Damned language barrier again. I guess I could tell about you and these children the same thing I told my husband once : I am the next best thing that could have happened to them lol giggling here when I think about bobbi ....

introspectre said...

I can't see to type past my big pouty trembling lip and the page went all blurry when my eyes starting leaking...
for real.

whoami929 said...

This was a beautiful post. Happy Mothers Day! You've earned it!

Cardman said...

Like 929 said above, you've earned it. You are a mother in my book with the responsibilities and caring that you have. Glad you had a great day...