Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Last weekend my dad came to visit for a day.
He was off for Memorial Day, which was the day that he planned to move his aunt from a home near Dallas to a home in Kansas. So, he decided to take a few extra days off and come and visit me.
It went pretty well. Daddy and Monsieur were both in the same sort of military outfit, except that Daddy was in the U.S. Army in Viet Nam for a brief time, then he was stationed in Germany for the remainder. Monsieur was in the army (France) and was sent to Africa, the Pacific and Iraq. So they spent a good deal of time talking about that, but they also talked about raising kids and the weather.
It was a pretty good visit, I think. It was rather last-minute, but Monsieur didn’t have a problem with Daddy showing up with only a couple of days’ notice. Monsieur even ended up talking with him about American football, a subject I know almost nothing about beyond that you’re supposed to throw it by making it spin along its pointy ends. My dad doesn’t know as much about football as he would like people to think, but Monsieur was too gracious to say so.
We fed him, filled up his coffee, and gave him the shortcut directions for the freeway. He headed out Sunday morning.


Neil said...

And Monsieur's opinion of Dad?

jackt said...

Nice! Dad meets Monsieur!

introspectre said...

I know...and???

Oh dammit, when are you getting married? Or something?

I'm sorry. Truly. That was tasteless. But..I mean...didn't dad call you aside, ask you what the deal was? Or did he ask Monsieur what his intentions with his daughter were?

They talked about football?